Pennsylvania, Allentown, Nathan Shafer, 3 Cents, December 1, 1863, lobster, clams, crabs and oysters pictured at upper left, some edge splitting has been reinforced on back, very good.   $85.00   /photos/915.24.jpg

Pennsylvania, Bellefonte, Hoeffer Brothers, 5 Cents, Jan 12, 1863, payable by Wm. F Reynolds & Co., Bankers, scarce Civil War scrip issue, nice fine.   $95   photo

Pennsylvania, Bristol, Joseph E. Allen, 10 Cents, September 26, 1862, very good.   $65.00   /photos/21801.26.jpg

Pennsylvania, Easton, Easton Delaware Bridge Company, 5 Cents, January 1, 1816, "Receivable for Tolls at the Bridge...", this type unlisted in the Hoober catalog, missing upper left corner and a tiny split at center, unissued, very fine.   $60.00   /photos/32001.22.jpg

Pennsylvania, Germantown, Bank of Germantown, $5, August 1815, a rare note listed by Haxby as "SENC" (Surviving Example Not Confirmed), pen canceled, a small hole and a couple of small edge tears, good to very good.   $275.00   /photos/32701.23.jpg

Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, The Harrisburg Bank, $5, January 1, 1853, seen far more often as a counterfeit, this example is quite genuine, a bit dark and a few pinholes, very good.   $175.00   /photos/015.01.23.jpg

Pennsylvania, Kensington, Corporation of Kensington, $3, May 9, 1837, listed by Hoober as rarity 7, 1-5 known, printed in orange, faded, slight damage at lower left corner, almost good.   $95.00   photo

Pennsylvania, Knoxville, Wood & Scoville, $5, no date, (1860s), Hoober does not list any notes from this location in his Pennsylvania book, a few small notations or stains and some edge roughness, overall fine.   $60.00   /photos/32701.22.jpg

Pennsylvania, McDowell's Mills, $1, 1837, this issuer and location are unlisted in the Hoober Pennsylvania book, signature at lower right cut out to cancel the note, missing upper left corner, good.   $45.00   /photos/127.25.jpg

Pennsylvania, McDowell's Mills, 25 Cents, 1837, location and issuer unlisted in Hoober, pieces missing as seen in scan, fair.   $40.00   /photos/014.01.31.jpg

Pennsylvania, Mechanicsburg, 6 Cents, January 1843, this issuer is unlisted in the Hoober catalog, an internal tear and tear at left, good.   $95.00   /photos/0126.01.23.jpg

Pennsylvania, Middletown, Bank of Middletown, $2, May 24, 1841, PA-300-G44a, woman seated with wheat in ornate "2" at center, medallion heads at either side and ends, rare genuine issue listed as "SENC" in Haxby, stain at left and patched tears at right, otherwise appears very good.   $95   photo

Pennsylvania, Montrose, Bank of Susquehanna County, $5, May 1, 1847, drover with animals at center, man and woman on farm at left, blacksmith at right, light scattered aging, fine.   $35   photo

Pennsylvania, Northampton, Northampton Bank, $50, Jan 18, 1841, Liberty seated by river at center, Justice at lower right, Agriculture with cornucopia at lower left, high grade for this nicely engraved note, extremely fine.   $85   photo

Pennsylvania, Northumberland, Bank of Northumberland, $5, June 24, 1856, farmers, boat in canal and train on bridge in vignette at center, slight aging at upper right, a few pinholes, fine.   $75   photo

Pennsylvania, Oxford, Borough of Oxford, 10 Cents, December 1, 1862, very scarce, a bit stained, very good to fine.   $60.00   /photos/41701.26.jpg


Philadelphia Scrip Issues


Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, City of Philadelphia, Loan of May 11, 1837, 25 Cents, May 12, 1837, printed in blue, very scarce, a few edge chips and somewhat aged and discolored, very good.   $30.00   PHOTO

Pennsylvania, County of Philadelphia, 20 Cents, May 23, 1837, tougher denomination, a few pinholes and small edge tears, very good.   $45.00   /photos/1228.32.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, "Lawrence, The original Fringe & worsted yarn warehouse", 50 Cents, Dec 8, 1814, wonderful vignettes engraved by William Kneass, early Philadelphia mint engraver, unissued, crisp uncirculated.   $175   PHOTO

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Mutual Credit Loan and Deposit Office, 25 Cents, July 21, 1837, "payable on demand in SPECIE", nice grade a bit aged at right and two small edge tears, one has been patched with a stamp hinge on back, very fine.   $30.00   /photos/014.01.32.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Mutual Credit Loan and Deposit Office, 25 Cents, June 1, 1837, quite scarce and in nice condition, small red stain and split at bottom edge, very fine.   $35.00   /photos/127.26.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Mutual Credit Loan & Deposit Office, 50 Cents, June 27, 1837, quite scarce, several different designs exist from this issuer, a single pinhole, fine to very fine.   $40.00   /photos/0118.01.29.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, District of Southwark, $1, June 12, 1837, marked “Copy” in red ink, I’m uncertain when and why these were made, they are old but are probably not from the 1830s, almost uncirculated.   $8.00   PHOTO

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Western Market House, 10 Cents, 1862, bull at center, dog's head below, printed in green, scarce, two punch cancellations, extremely fine.   $65   photo

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Unidentified Issuer, 5 Cents, January 1, 1863, printed in blue with red back, this note is Hoober 305-906 where it is listed as rarity 6, (5-10 known), unissued, tiny edge tear and light stain, almost uncirculated.   $75.00   /photos/21801.36.jpg

Philadelphia Bank Notes

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, The Bank of Commerce, $5, November 1, 1859, faded yellow tint, unusual, nice very good.   $65.00   /photos/43001.27.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, The Bank of North America, 10 Cents, January 10, 1815, a very rare genuine note, signed by H. Drinker, missing lower left corner and a few small internal splits, good.   $95.00   /photos/721.27.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, The Bank of North America, 25 Cents, January 10, 1815, signed by H. Drinker as cashier, rare, hole at center, repaired upper left corner and tear at top, fair.   $65.00   /photos/4301.17.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Bank, 6 Cents, December 20, 1814, a rare note issued during the War of 1812 when few notes were issued, a couple of internal splits and trimmed in a bit at lower left, good to very good.   $100.00   /photos/0126.01.25.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Bank, 12 1/2 Cents, December 20, 1814, Haxby PA-485-G54 where it is listed as "SENC" (Surviving Example Not Confirmed), rough edges and a repaired internal split, almost good.   $85.00   /photos/42401.24.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Bank, 25 Cents, December 20, 1814, similar to Haxby PA-485-G62 but printed in red and black, rough edges, almost good to good.   $125.00   /photos/015.01.25.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Bank, $20, May 9, 1814, pen cancelled, very high grade for this early counterfeit, nice extremely fine.   $125.00   /photos/42401.23.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Southwark Bank in the County of Philadelphia, $5, 18--, (1820s), a Proof on India paper, listed by Haxby as "SENC", a couple of small missing pieces along bottom edge, otherwise crisp uncirculated.   $250.00   /photos/41001.31.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, The Southwark Bank, $5, May 1, 1847, small split at center, otherwise very good.   $75.00   /photos/1229.25.jpg

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, The Tradesmens Bank, $10, September 11, 1850, PA-500-N5, listed by Haxby as "SENC" (Surviving Example Not Confirmed), a few tiny pinholes, very fine.   $150.00   /photos/41701.23.jpg

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, City of Pittsburgh, $2, May 20, 1837, Certificate of Loan, signed by Wm ?land? as Treasurer, scarce, fine.   $85   photo

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Merchants and Manufacturers Bank, $5, Jan 1, 1849, a contemporary counterfeit in exceptionally high grade, extremely fine.   $85   photo

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Bank of Pittsburgh, 12 1/2 Cents, October 5, 1815, listed by Haxby as "SENC" (Surviving Example Not Confirmed, unissued, crisp uncirculated.   $100.00   /photos/42401.22.jpg

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Bank of Pittsburgh, 6 1/4 Cents, October 5, 1815, PA-550-G8 in the Haxby catalog where it is listed as "SENC" (Surviving Example Not Confirmed), unissued, crisp uncirculated.   $100.00   /photos/0112.01.23.jpg

Pennsylvania, West Chester, Corporation of West Chester, 25 Cents, June 1, 1837, scarce, rough edges and extensive tears are reinforced with archival tape on back, almost good.   $20.00   PHOTO

Pennsylvania, Whitehaven, The Whitehaven and Lausanne Turnpike Road Company, $1, September 16, 1841, early train at center, rare, rough edges, good.   $75.00   /photos/32001.26.jpg

Pennsylvania, Williamsport, Williamsport Glass Works, 12 1/2 cents, March 1, 1817, a very scarce and early glass company issue, tear at bottom right, good.   $85.00   PHOTO

Pennsylvania, Williamsport, Williamsport Glassworks, 25 Cents, December 1, 1816, an early glass company note, somewhat soiled, good to very good.   $95.00   /photos/32701.18.jpg