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Crisp Uncirculated- A note that has no folds and has never been in circulation. Notes that are well-centered, bright, with fresh paper, may be described as choice or gem uncirculated.

Almost Uncirculated- A note with a single centerfold of several minor corner or edge folds or light handling.

Extremely Fine- 3 or 4 folds, but a note that retains most of it's original crispness.

Very Fine- A note with moderate folds but still much of the original crispness.

Fine- The last grade that a banknote retains any crispness. Moderate wear, may have light soiling, but no major defects.

Very Good- Worn, but even circulated and fully intact. May have minor defects such as soiling, pinholes, tiny edge tears, signs of previous mounting on back.

Good- Well worn, and soiled but mostly intact. May have minor missing pieces, tears, graffiti, etc.

Almost Good- Well-worn and soiled. Substantial tears and/or other defects. Up to 5-10% of note may be missing.

Fair- Well worn and soiled with substantial damage. May have large tears with up to 10-20% of the note missing.

Poor- The lowest grade. Significant damage, often with greater than 20% of the note missing.

A Word About Pinholes- Circulated obsolete notes are usually found with some pinholes. Notes were often pinned together or counted on spindles at banks. We will try to mention any pinholes on notes grading fine or better, but usually don't mention them on the lower grades as they are found on nearly all of these notes.




New- No folds of defects. Perfect condition or close to it.

Extremely Fine (XF)- One or two folds, or very minimal handling. A well above average example.

Very Fine (VF)- Several folds and some wear. An above average example. May have minor defects including pinholes or slight discoloration.

Fine (F)- Moderate wear. May have small tears, stains and other defects but no major damage. A collectible example but not choice.

Very Good (VG)- Some damage present. May have substantial tears, stains or small missing pieces.

Good (G)- Significant damage but not as bad as a "Fair" grade. Will have tears, stains, missing pieces, rough edges and/or other damage.

Fair- Significant defects or damage, May have larger tears or missing pieces or repairs.



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